The Practice Of Constructive Design Research

Stoffel Kuenen, Johan Redström, Caroline Hummels

People practicing constructive/experimental/practice-led/etc. design research come from a range of different academic traditions, which leads us to argue in certain ways, look for support in different places, and format and disseminate our work towards particular audiences.

Such contextual factors might be the cause of some of the issues we struggle with in our work, while at the same time they obfuscate the 'real' foundational issues in the kind of design research we practice.

When we look to current discourse concerning constructive design research, much attention seems to be given to positioning and justifying of the work in various contexts. What seems to be less exposed are foundational issues relating to how the practice unfolds, the kinds of issues that are tackled and by what means this is done.

In this debate, four design researchers from various backgrounds will lead the discussion to uncover some of these issues. The debate will be fueled and framed with short video quotes from well and lesser known design research practitioners.


Conversation starters:
The full conversation: