DRS 2014 Streaming

We have recorded all debates from DRS 2014.

June 19: "Concluding panel"
Debaters: Bruce Nussbaum, Lin-Lin Chen, Tara Mullaney and Peter Lloyd


June 18: "Open Worlds"
Debaters: Marco Steinberg and Anne Burdick

June 17: "No Future"
Debaters: Clive Dilnot and Anna Rosling-Ronnlund


June 16: Live Hacking
Debaters: Christina Agapakis and Jamer Hunt


Through this page you will be able to follow the conference. 

Monday,  June 16
09.30-11.00  Opening plenary / Debate

Tuesday,  June 17
09.30-11.00 Opening plenary / Debate

Wednesday,  June 18
09.30-11.00 Opening plenary / Debate

Thursday,  June 19
11.30-13.00 Closing plenary and concluding debate

Remember that the live stream is in CEST - Central European Summer Time