Workshops in the pre-conference programme
Seven workshops will be held as part of the pre-conference programme Sunday June 15th. You can find out more about the workshops by clicking on the links below (and more about the original call for workshops here).

Critical Design and the creation of alternative visions: literally and metaphorically Critical

Designing commons - Commons for design

Designing with people in sustainability and behaviour change research

Good Things and Bad Things: Tricky objects, people and processes

Homo Homini Faber

Slow Change Interaction Design

Please note that each workshop has its own call for participation and manages its own selection process. In order to attend a workshop, you need to submit a position paper along the guidelines provided for each workshop. Participants will be selected and notified in advance. Please also note that in order to attend a workshop, you need to register for the conference. There is no additional fee for attending a workshop. 

Important dates
• Deadline for submission of position statements: 1 April 2014
• Notification of acceptance to workshop participants: 15 April 2014
• Full day workshop: 15 June 2014


Futures of design research education 

The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education invites you  to a discussion in connection with the Design Research Society conference in Umeå

Sunday June 15, 2014 at 18.30

Is there a place for designers in design research? Is there a need for design research to be carried out by designers educated as researchers? If those are questions and challenges, what actions may we then take?

Faculty and students at the Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education have been exploring such issues since the start in 2008 (http:// Over 70 design PhD students have participated from design schools but also from technical universities, social sciences faculties and art institutions. So far 19 have got their PhD.

Now is the time, at least for us, to reflect, regroup, consolidate and find ways to move forward.

We invite students, teachers, supervisors, organizers, etc. with related experiences of design research education to this discussion in Umeå, where we can share and contest experiences and make alliances for further action.

To spark off the discussion we have prepared a short film, The Art of Becoming a Design PhD, featuring challenges and dilemmas that some of our PhD students have had to address.

Bo Westerlund, Pelle Ehn, Maria Hellström Reimer, Peter Ullmark